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Our Values, Ethos and Aims

The Queensberry AP ethos and values are underpinned by a restorative approach to behaviour management and development. This allows each student to reflect on their behaviours and understand the wider impact of their actions.

Queensberry Values:

•    Wrong decisions will happen – We encourage reflection and responsibility to encourage learning from mistakes; through restorative justice we promote an understanding of the impact of behaviours

•    Perseverance – If we want to teach students resilience then we must lead by example when working with young people and their families! “Do not judge me by my success, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again”

•    Prepare students for their future – We believe you should inspire students to dream big, that education includes life lessons and that everyone, regardless of who they are, is entitled to a high quality education with equal opportunities

•    Respect and Trust – Queensberry AP seeks to promote consistency, clear boundaries and honesty to encourage positive behaviour 

•    Long term impact – Tackling the deep rooted issues is a stepping stone to changing behaviour and developing strategies encourage positive changes to support each individual on their journey through life

Queensberry AP will promote and encourage:

•    Resilience
•    Respect
•    Improved self-confidence
•    Reflection 
•    Positive relationships
•    Clear boundaries 
•    Positive choices
•    Opportunities to achieve
•    Celebration of success

Queensberry Aims:

•    Develop a culture and safe environment based on mutual respect, trust and honesty that in turn will encourage students to take responsibility for their behaviour and support them in seeking ways to resolve negative choices

•    Support students at risk of permanent exclusion through addressing their social & emotional barriers to learning in a practical way which encourages them to engage and succeed in their mainstream education

•    Engagement with boxing will give students an understanding of the discipline that is required to be a success within the sport; this will promote respect, resilience and positive choices and encourage students to become responsible citizens

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