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The Hook

Reduction in Anti-Social Behaviour

Impact of actions are understood through the promotion of restorative practice

Self-reflection is used to promote better choices

Early intervention is used as a tool to reduce risk taking behaviours

On 17th April 2018 it was reported that knife crime in Cheshire had risen by almost 10% more than the national average. A 52% increase to a total of 306 crimes in which knives were used, including 196 incidents of assault, 81 robberies and 3 attempted murders. This rise coupled with the increased threat of ‘county lines’ puts vulnerable young people at risk of criminal exploitation and engagement in criminalised behaviour. The Hook has been developed from personal experiences and through consultation with partner agencies including Cheshire Police, Her Majesty’s Prison Service, Adult Offenders and Schools.

The Hook is a model of early intervention delivered through workshops aimed at young people who, through their behaviours and choices, may be at risk of being involved in criminalised behaviour and exclusion from school. The model also allows for the delivery of intervention to young people who are already engaged with gangs, knife crime and other criminal activity.   


The Hook is designed to:

  • encourage people to reflect on their choices and reduce risk taking behaviour

  • bring people together and build positive relationships throughout communities

  • enable more young people to fulfill their potential by working to provide support and intervention ensuring issues are addressed at the earliest possible stage

  • promote restorative practices within communities that develops an awareness and understanding of the wider impact of choices and actions

Our 'prevention not cure' ethos and restorative practices will support a positive engagement in schools and reduce anti-social behaviour as young people learn to reflect on the impact of their behaviours. Our partnership with HMPS has been a key driver in the development; what began with a small number of prisoners providing community service has now developed into a working partnership which will see adult offenders playing an active part in the development and delivery of Queensberry AP projects.


For further information and to book workshops please contact us.

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