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Our Offer

Here at Queensberry AP we offer a wide variety of interventions and support programmes to individual students and mixed ability groups as well as school staff and parents.We place focus on engaging with parents/carers and all our work involves working closely with the wider family. Our unique provision enables us to build trusting relationships with the students and their families to ensure long term sustainable solutions are developed. :​​

12 Rounds

  • 12 week programme one day per week at Queensberry AP focusing on SMSC and SEAL workshops that educate students on key themes and encourage them to reflect on some of the currents issues they face. Boxing and its discipline principles is used to promote respect, resilience and positive engagement in the classroom. Students will gain AQA Unit Awards and England Boxing JBO as well as improving literacy and numeracy skills.

6 Rounds

  • 6 week programme one day per week at Queensberry AP supporting students to identify their barriers to learning and tackle underlying issues that are preventing them from achieving their full potential as well as current issues within society. Anger management, discipline and self-control are just some of the core values of the sport of Boxing and students will be supported and encouraged to transfer these values and skills to their own life

The Hook

  • Workshops focusing on reducing risk taking behaviour and encourage students to understand the impact of criminal activity, reflect on how ‘risk taking’ behaviours escalate and recognise the impact on other area of life; education, relationships, reputation. Physical activity is used to demonstrate how it can provide a positive focus for vulnerable young people.

One to One

  • Individual sessions when students need a ‘time out’ from school or a 6 week programme focusing on barriers to learning, school disengagement and restorative justice. Functional skills English & Maths is also available.

One to One (including practical boxing)

  • 6 week programme focused on school engagement incorporating boxing sessions as a vehicle to embed discipline, positive mental health, respect and self-control.

Group Workshops

  • Sessions take place within school to small groups to promote positive engagement.  Sessions will aim to reduce behavioural incidents, raise awareness of anger management triggers and improve attendance.

After School Clubs

  • Boxing supports emotional wellbeing, improves resilience and promotes a healthy lifestyle. Our sessions include Basic Boxing Skills, JBO sport leadership qualification (over 14 yrs only) and Boxingames (Primary).

Cool Off/Time Out

  • When an incident has occurred and students would benefit from a restorative day away from their school to reflect on their behaviour.


For further information about any of our programmes and pricing please contact us on

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