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In partnership with HMP Thorn Cross we are developing a mentoring programme that will see serving prisoners volunteer to work with Queensberry AP and mentor students. Through advertising the mentor role within the prison we aim to give our volunteers experience of the process of applying for and securing employment; following receipt of applications the selected volunteers will be subject to interviews and selections will be made based on applicants that show a passion and drive for mentoring young people. 

Successful volunteers will receive full training and receive appropriate support throughout the programme. As each volunteer progresses they will gain employability skills, experience and improve upon their own self confidence; all of which can help them to secure employment upon their release from prison. Queensberry AP will support with CV writing, job/volunteering applications and supply references for volunteers. 

Through the development of the mentoring programme we will aim to reduce re-offending rates in adults, improve the chances of employment for ex-prisoners and help them become positive role models and law abiding citizens. As Queensberry AP develops as a provision we would like to offer employment to suitable candidates who have taken part in our mentoring scheme. 

Through the mentoring programme students will become more aware of the impact of negative behaviour and consequences of crime as they will have an opportunity to take part in regular discussions with adults who have experienced this first hand. 

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