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Knife Crime Awareness

On Wednesday 24th we hosted a Knife Crime and Criminal Exploitation Awareness Event at the Odeon Cinema on Barons Quay, Northwich. The hard-hitting workshop aimed at raising awareness about the impacts of becoming involved in risk taking behaviours, with a particular focus on County Lines and Knife Crime.

We opened with a presentation about the risks of criminal exploitation and the impact it has on communities. The presentation provided students with an insight into what it means to be exploited and some of the signs to look out for. “It is important that our community are aware of exactly what it means to be exploited, far too many young people aren’t aware they are being groomed until it is far too late and today's event aims to raise their awareness and help them spot the signs early on so they can make positive choices” - Nic

Our volunteer from HMP Thorn Cross delivered an inspiring talk based upon his own first-hand experiences as a young person growing up in Manchester. He highlighted the choices he made in the past which led him to gang involvement and eventually ending up within the prison system. 

Rob Jackson, a trauma nurse with 20 years A and E experience at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital, delivered a hard-hitting message about the consequences of being involved in criminal activity. Rob's presentation, which included graphic photos of injuries, alerts young people to the potential consequences and brutal reality of carrying knives. "We make no apologies for asking Rob to talk at our event, whilst some of the images may be extremely hard to stomach, the message that he delivers is simple, if you are going to carry a knife and get involved in criminal behaviour there is a real possibility it is going to end badly" - Paul

PC Amy Jackson of Cheshire Police Safer Schools and Young People Partnership and Luis Bamber from Runcorn’s “live your life drop the knife” campaign also gave their thoughts on the subject of knife crime.

The workshop saw students from UCAN, Weaverham High School, St Nicholas Catholic High School and Knutsford Academy come together, alongside a number of professionals including the Mayor of Cheshire East, Councillor Lesley Smetham. Many of the students were Anti-Bullying Ambassadors and positive peer mentors within their schools.

Queensberry AP would like to thank the team from ODEON Cinema in Northwich for all of their support in the build up and throughout the day.

External Links:

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