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England Boxing Junior Boxing Organiser Training

On Thursday the 7th June 2018 we hosted a tutor training event for a number of partner agencies delivered by Ron Tulley, Head of Development for England Boxing. The event was well attended with members of Queensberry AP and Boxing Fit Academy as well as partners from Cheshire Police, Rotunda ABC, Timperley Community ABC, Coaching Connexions and students from the Smith Brothers Academy in Liverpool. 

England Boxing has launched a new Junior Boxing Organiser (JBO) course that will provide students aged 14+ with the skills and confidence to lead Primary Level 1 School Games in Boxing whilst under supervision. All attendees are now fully equipped to deliver the JBO course to young people which will not only encourage participation in physical activity but will provide opportunities for young people to become positive role models to children younger than themselves in the local community. 

Queensberry AP in partnership with Boxing Fit Academy will now be the JBO centre for the local community. If you would like further information on the delivery of the JBO within your establishment or group please contact us directly. For further information on the JBO please click on the link below. 

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