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Child Exploitation

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"Early intervention is the key, you all do amazing work and I will be forever grateful"

Child exploitation has devastating and long lasting consequences for its victims and their families, through our work we aim to prevent the exploitation of young people through early intervention and education to help them understand the risks and potential impacts. 


In 2020 we were commissioned by Cheshire West and Chester Council to provide direct support to young people considered "at-risk" through the delivery of face to face intervention; we also support the wider family through sibling sessions and direct work with parents and carers.

if are you have concerns that a child is at risk of being exploited please click the link below where you will find additional information and the necessary tools required to request support


How it works


Identify and evaluate

Complete a Contextual Safeguarding Assessment tool to help you to identify and evaluate the risks and reflect upon whether additional support may be required


Assess the need

The Contextual Safeguarding Hub meets on a weekly basis to assess  the level of need for each individual to ensure they receive the appropriate level of support

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If the decision is taken to offer Queensberry AP support a member of the team will contact the family within 5 days to arrange an induction meeting.

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