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Queensberry AP places a particular focus on the sport of boxing and its discipline principles to promote respect, resilience, positive behaviour management and focus and engagement with education. Through engagement with boxing students will start to improve upon their physical fitness, self-esteem, emotional well-being and mental health; all of which has huge impact upon their willingness to engage with education. 


With coaching and guidance from a fully qualified England Boxing coach, all students will work towards AQA Unit Awards in the sport, learning the basics of and developing upon these skills through regular sessions. 

There are opportunities for students to become positive role models through engagement with the England Boxing Junior Boxing Organiser Course (JBO).  The England Boxing JBO Award is a course which does not focus solely on sporting ability, instead it helps students to develop many different skills, such as being able to communicate with others in a sports setting through volunteering. The course is broken down into three modules which combine some theory work with mostly practical aspects and will support students in gaining an insight into what it means to be a leader and provide them with the skills necessary to lead others in boxing. Once qualified as a JBO, students will deliver non-contact boxing sessions to primary aged pupils within the local community under staff supervision which will build confidence and help develop leadership skills that are transferable into all areas of their life. By working in local primary schools Queensberry AP will develop partnerships within the local community and encourage our students to understand the importance of being positive role models.

Each student will also have the opportunity to engage in extra-curricular boxing sessions as well as sessions with parents and carers that will encourage positive relationships at home. Through engagement with the extra-curricular sessions we aim to reduce anti-social behaviour within the local community.

Numerous research documents have been published which show the value that boxing can bring to the development of young people and the wider community, you can find more information by following the link below.

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