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Admission to Queensberry AP is on a referral basis from schools or local authorities.  The schools, academies and Local Authorities must follow the procedures and application documentation and must meet with Queensberry representatives before any place is confirmed. 


All accepted students will undergo a rigorous induction and initial assessment process, as part of the procedure for identifying baselines and the appropriate programme and support needed for a successful placement.


In the event of a refusal of a placement, a letter will be sent to home school/Local Authority outlining the full reasons for the decision.

We welcome telephone discussions prior to the completion of a referral form whether this be contact from the school or parents and carers seeking more information. For an informal discussion please call 07769294311 or 07813914881.

For schools wishing to refer a student please complete and return the following initial referral form to, for more information on the selection criteria please contact us directly:

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