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Welcome to Queensberry Alternative Provision. We hope that the website gives you an insight into our provision and the values and ethos that drive us in its continual development. It is our aim to support young people aged 11-16 years old in sustaining their mainstream school places and support them in engaging with their education, we also cater for permanently excluded students and will play an important role in their journey back into mainstream. Through our "whole child approach" we offer high levels of support that will develop each student throughout their time within Queensberry and beyond.


We offer a wide range of enrichment activities but our main focus is on boxing and the development of skills required in the sport that can be transferred to everyday life. With a focus on each students barriers to learning we will develop each individual through the delivery of AQA Unit Awards, project based learning to develop skills in English and Maths, Spiritual Moral Social and Cultural Development, elements of the Duke of Edinburgh's Award and mentoring. Our mentoring program is delivered in partnership with HMP Thorn Cross and aims to develop an awareness of how behaviour impacts on others, reduce anti-social behaviour and reduce re-offending rates of adults within HMP Thorn Cross. 

We are extremely passionate about working with the wider community and in particular with each parent and carer of our students. We understand the importance of engaging with parents and carers and the impact this can have on behaviour, attendance, engagement with learning and ultimately academic achievement. Parents and carers will have opportunities to play an active part in Queensberry AP and in their child's learning. 

We are extremely proud to have been selected by England Boxing as a case study which showcases our work within the community, you can read more HERE

If you would like to know more please get in touch.

               Paul                                      Nic

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