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12 Rounds

The 12 Rounds programme will seek to improve each student’s confidence in English & Maths through linking them to real life scenarios to help understand the value and practical use of these subjects in everyday life. This will help improve attainment in their GCSEs as confidence in these subjects grows and the understanding of their significance is understood.


SMSC and SEAL workshops will educate students on key themes and encourage them to reflect on some of the currents issues they may be facing – this is fundamental to our ‘whole child’ approach. We work with students to identify their barriers to learning and through both individual and group work we will tackle the underlying issues that are preventing them from achieving their full potential. It is embedded into everything we do and our unique provision enables us to build trusting relationships with the students and their families to ensure long term sustainable solutions are developed.


Queensberry AP uses the disciplines in Boxing as a vehicle to promote respect, resilience and positive behaviour and engagement in the classroom. Students are coached through the basics of boxing and build upon these skills through regular practical sessions; coaches also focus on the psychological benefits involvement in sport can bring. Anger management, resilience, discipline, respect and self-control are just some of the core values of the sport of boxing and students will be supported and encouraged to transfer these values and skills to their own life in order to address some of the social and emotional barriers they face to learning.


Students will also take part in outdoor education activities within the local community and further afield. This will enable the students to learn new skills, develop their ability to work as part of a team, build their self-esteem and confidence, improve problem solving abilities and develop their leadership skills.


All practical elements of the programme will be complimented by a range of qualifications which include AQA Unit Awards and England Boxing JBO that will promote positive outcomes, improve confidence for GCSEs and enhance CVs.

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