Queensberry AP has been born out of a combination of many things; our own experiences of mainstream and specialist education sectors, our previous successes working with extremely vulnerable students, recognising the need for an alternative for hard to reach students within Cheshire West and the importance of practical learning with achievable outcomes for disengaged students.

With a combined experience of over 30 years working with some of the most vulnerable and difficult to engage young people and families, we are immensely passionate about the work that we undertake. With a wide breadth of experience across a number of sectors including SEBD schools, Social Care and as senior leaders within a Pupil Referral Unit setting and mainstream schools, the interventions we have developed are based upon our own personal experiences and support young people, families and professionals from a wide range of backgrounds. 

The partnership we have developed with Her Majesty’s Prison Service has helped to support with our model of early intervention and ensures that young people receive support and guidance from adults with real-life experience of the issues that our provision aims to challenge and combat.

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In 2015-16 Cheshire West Local Authority Schools handed out 1,783 exclusions, whilst in neighbouring Cheshire East there were over 2,000. Within both Local Authorities the most common reason for exclusion is "persistent disruptive behaviour". Permanent Exclusions within Cheshire West rose from 20 to 25 whilst the number nationally has risen by 10% in the last year.


A study by the IPPR estimates that a permanently excluded student can cost the taxpayer £370,000.

Queensberry Alternative Provision aims to tackle this trend.

12 Rounds


Our 12 week programme has been developed to improve student confidence in core subjects through identifying barriers to learning and providing each individual with the skills to overcome these barriers.

Through Project Based Learning students will gain an understanding of the value and practical use that Maths and English have in everyday life and through practical sessions such as boxing and outdoor education they will grow in confidence.

We also offer a number of formal qualifications to enhance each students CV.


The Hook

The Hook is a model of early intervention aimed at young people who, through their behaviours and choices, may be at risk of being involved in criminalised behaviour and exclusion from school. The model also allows for the delivery of intervention to young people who are already engaged with gangs, knife crime and other criminal activity.   


The Hook has been developed through personal experiences and consultation with partner agencies including Cheshire Police, Her Majesty’s Prison Service, Adult Offenders and Schools and is delivered through workshops that are delivered within schools.



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